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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  December 10, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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what a morning. we got hit with several more inches of snow, causing the federal government, schools, and some businesses to close their doors. now, no longer under a red alert and the worst is behind us. thank goodness. good afternoon, i'm lesli foster. >> and i'm jon jeffcoat. we have crews covering the snow. let's get to topper shutt. top, roads look good now. what can we expect? >> refreezing tonight. we have a yellow alert because of the refreezing. i'll show you snowfall totals. charlestown, west virginia, 5 inches. hay market at 3.5. friends had three, and maryland had 2 inches. temperatures right now, 34 in gaithersburg. 38 downtown. the temperatures will fall quickly and already leaving snow on the ground. look at the temperatures
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tonight. 21 at be bethesda. 20 in sterling and 17 out toward leesburg. this is why we are concerned with some massive refreezing. it is frozen, that's black ice, you got to slow down and not only driving, be careful watching the kids to the bus stop and walking to get your paper tomorrow as well. we'll come back and talk about the rest of the week and look ahead to another possible storm over the weekend. >> top, frederic county was one of the hardest hit in our area. scott broom reports, it was not a knockout blow. >> four inches of heavy, stick to the road signs kind of snow. it was all on major highways, incidents like this one. a car sent to the ditch when tire grabbing slush sent the driver out of control. the storm struck heaviest during rush hour, but thanks to closed schools and government offices, there was room for plows to keep up. efforts to keep the road clear,
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were mostly affected. no packed rural roads and side streets were the norm. one result was closed schools here. these kids were put to work. >> how would you rate this one? >> i have seen worse. it's a lie, i mean, get out tomorrow. >> the afternoon cleanup in this land of long driveways was underway before noon. >> going to work here in a few minutes. >> it's not like it was two days ago. it was terrible. >> so round two of this season's early winter blast are behind us and school officials here in frederic county are hoping there will be enough time to clean up by tomorrow morning, with the kids hoping for another snow day are likely to be disappointed. that decision will be made in the morning. in frederic county, wusa9. >> in the district, firefighters raced to the scene of a carbon monoxide leak at a northwest d.c. home.
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three people were taken to the hospital suffering from life threatening effects. andrea mccarren takes us to the 5100 block of new hampshire avenue for the story. >> from the outside, this northwest washington home looks like it's ready for the holidays. but inside, according to d.c. fire and ems, the potentially deadly gas escaped from a faulty water heater. >> got some kind of injury or something. >> neighbors witnessed three of the residents transported to george washington university hospital. >> when hazmat crews arrived, firefighters say that's not unusually high, but the residents of this house were exposed to it for a long time. >> firefighters tested adjacent homes and gave them the all clear. >> checked everywhere and it wasn't from our house and they
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said it's okay, and get the air out. >> carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that killed 400 people in the united states every year. and hospitalized 4,000. andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> according to centers for disease control, the most common symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include headache, dizziness, chest pain, and confusion. in home carbon monoxide detectors sell for $20. they can save lives. >> today, snow may have closed get them ready to reopen tomorrow. deborah is live in bethesda at west brooke elementary school with the forecast on schools throughout montgomery county. will they or won't they? that's the verdict here. >> i don't have a verdict for you. they will make that decision around 4:30 in the morning and it has to do with the roads. they have to wait to do that right away. i'll show you what's going on
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with the sidewalk. it looks fine, but that was a very different story. >> i have my crew here, give it time. >> if you are underwelmed by the snow, sees it as a worthy opponent, he's going to win. >> it should be all right. we retreat it in the morning. >> the weapons, plows, shovels, tenacity. >> they started yesterday about 4:00 in the morning and be here until 4:00 in the morning tomorrow. >> the snow needs to go at 225, including se choirquoa. that's all while 150,000 plus
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students ski it out. the school is open wednesday, it's good it's not up for a public vote. >> at least a two hour delay and it's really slippery and everything, so you should cancel it. >> cancel it? you heard it here. cancel it. sorry, that's it. let's go play. let's get this going. >> again, that decision will be made tomorrow at 4:30 a.m. you may be wondering why schools have to close whether it's the schools in the northern part of montgomery county. that answer at 6:00. and we aren't the only ones dealing with a wintery mess. the storm is being felt through massachusetts. nearly 2,000 flights were canceled along the coast and planes that didn't make it out were four hours delayed and those that stuck to the roads, they had their own headache. >> today, the world converged to honor mandela. a memorial was held for the former south african leader.
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the service was held. the township that was the stronghold of support for the antiarpartide struggle. derek mcginty is in south africa and brings us this special report on today's tribute. >> reporter: in just a few short hour, the body of nelson mandela will be driven through these crowded streets as thousands of regular south africans are expected to line up and pay their final respects. earlier, it was the whole world's turn. thank you, south africa, for sharing nelson mandela with the rest of us. the four-hour memorial held in a rain-soaked stadium, at times looked like a world cup soccer match. south africans danced, sang, waved flags, and trumpeted horns, celebrating their former
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leader. >> he still means a lot to us. >> may god bless the memory of nelson mandela. may god bless the people of south africa. >> president obama and former president carter, clinton, and george w. bush led the american delegation during his eulogy. president obama called mandela quote, a giant, comparing him to lincoln, and mr. king. >> around the world today, men and world are still presence for their political beliefs and persecuted for who they love and who they worship. that's happening today. >> before they talked about mandela's legacy, president obama shook hands with raul castro whose nation has been an enemy. despite the politics, everyone here today came to honor,
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remember, and celebrate a man who united and inspired generations. nelson mandela's body will lie in state here for three days and then on sunday, the burial and final good-bye and a family plot in the small town of kunu. in south africa, derek mcginty, wusa9. >> that handshake between president obama and raul castro has upset cuban-american legislators who fear it will be used for propaganda purposes. it can be explained by the fact that fidel castro and nelson mandela have been close allies. cuba was one of the first countries mandela visited after his release from prison. and tonight, nelson mandela memorial at howard university has been postponed because of the weather. it will be rescheduled after the new year. this afternoon, we are following a developing story
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out of month of montgomery county. >> in germantown, kristen. >> reporter: that's right, this tutor who lived in that home, he has been teaching and coaching both public and private school high school-aged students in this area for years. this morning, he was arrested and charged with sexually abusing one of those students, but detectives say there's a good chance that there may be more victims. >> his name is daniel. he is 30 years old and he first got on their radar last month after a school official notified police. he was never a school employee. he was a private tutor and coach hired by parents. he lived at this home, but he taught high school students primarily in potomac and bethesda. they only know of one victim, but worried there may be more. >> certainly given the number of years and the number of high
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school students that he's come in contact with, we consider that a possibility. >> i tried to talk to the one person at this home when we pulled up. he didn't want to talk about it and sped off. he is now facing two counts of sex abuse of a minor and three counts of third-degree sex offense, but there's a good chance that he could be facing even more charges if more victims come forward. live in germantown, wusa9, back to you. >> thanks. virginia's governor wants to pump more money into the state's mental healthcare system. governor bob mcdonnell is calling for the creation of a new task force that would focus on mental health issues. all this in response to the death of the son of state senator, creigh deeds. investigators say gus deeds stabbed his father and committed suicide less than a day after he was released from emergency custody. mcdonnell
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vice president joe biden is pledging $100 million for mental health funding as we approach the first anniversary of the newtown shootings. he'll meet with victim relatives today. after the shooting at sandy hook elementary, biden's task force said it was important. twenty children and six adults were killed in the massacre last december. accused of sending ricin letters agreed to a plea deal. expected to get no more than 18 years in prison. prosecutors say the 35-year-old texas mother sent the letters to both the president and new york city mayor, michael bloomberg. they say richardson tried to frame her ex-husband after he filed for divorce. someone could be tracking your cell phone and it's not the nsa. it is the police. we're going to show you how they're doing it. and this one is a little painful. a woman got stuck to a public
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toilet and rescue crews were called. wait until you hear how it happened. snow day with your kids? bruce leshan, he had some fun today. his idea to make this one memorable. >> those guys had their shirts off, that would have been uncomfortable. it's very cold right now. temperatures will dip below freezing. yellow alert continues tonight for the refreezing. 34 in gaithersburg. 36 in manassas. we'll come back and talk about teens tonight and tracking another possible winter storm over the weekend.
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all right, they going stir crazy yet? i don't know. bruce leshan is live with ideas on what to do with them. bruce, you look like you were having too much fun. >> that was fun. i mean obviously, one of the best ways to get the kids to burn off excess energy. but this hill at frost middle
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school in rockville may well be the best sledding hill in the entire region. okay boys, hit it. are you guys crazy? >> difficult. >> you know if they are crazy people tossing of their shirts, this has to be a serious sport. the hill between phos middle school is a tilted football field of fun. >> i was going down with my brother and he fell off. >> you just ripped it to pieces. >> it did. >> we were going to get all muddy. >> all muddy and really messy. >> and you like that? >> yeah. >> the kids were just wishing the storm had stuck around a little longer. >> you guys want to go right back to school tomorrow, right?
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>> no. >> the hill is just steep enough and long enough and just flat enough at the bottom, so most of the time you don't run off into the trees. >> is this like the best sledding hill you've ever seen or heard of? >> it really is. it's pretty steep and long and although there's a lot of people here and the snow goes away quickly, it's still fun. >> yeah, i brought my son here. >> and your son is going completely crazy behind you. >> that's your son. >> does this calm them down? >> we have to get them out, yeah. where is my son? >> two days, two storms and a whole lot of children hoping this is a sign of more to come. >> i think so. i think we're going to get a lot more snow and we're going to get more days off. >> and a lot more fun. >> yeah, a lot more fun on this hill. >> sorry to say, but all these kids on this hill have worn
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away most of the snow. we'll have to wait until next time. i want to find out what you think is the best sledding hill in the entire region. tweet me at bruce leshan, maybe next storm we'll come to your hill. jan and lesli, back to you. >> big shoutout to all the sledders. i saw a whole bunch today having fun. bruce, we're glad you survived the sledding incident to do the story. and didn't take off your shirt. >> yeah, you don't want to see that. >> all right. well some of us had to work today. we know a lot of people got the day off and this morning on facebook, we asked our friends to fill in the blank. snow days make me want to -- >> jennifer says snow days make her want to move to san diego. doesn't that sound nice? >> andny tay says snow days make her want to play in the snow. and snow days make her want to bake cookies. yum. and snow days make her want to
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drink hot chocolate. we hope you enjoy it and have some fun. we should take trash bags and slide downhills if we had one of those fancy little disks there. >> we still have. the flexible flier. they still make them. they are old as dirt, but they still make them. paul, my favorite thing is chili. we can catch our breath for the next three days. let's start first with snowfall totals and these are all on our website. at least most of them are. new market, out new hampshire avenue. 3 inches. alexandria, almost 2. 1.8. chantilly had 3 inches and our friends in bluemont, checked in with 4.3 inches. general 2 to 4 snowfall. pretty much what we talked
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about yesterday. this is kind of cool. now this was back on sunday with the ice, okay? now we fast forward to today and now they actually have snow on them from today's snowstorm. that was cool from fairfax, that was a very creative way to send pictures in. laura is good at sending stuff, we appreciate it. a live look outside. it's our live michael and son weather cam. we're looking at clearing skies. still 38 downtown, which is good, notice the dew points are dropping. colder and dryer air is moving in and that's going to set the stage along with our snow cover for a very cold night. satellite picture, radar combined. we'll zoom in. this storm is hauling out to sea. for the most part, up in new england, it is done. we'll zoom back down to us and generally clear skies and when we have clear skies and calm winds, we have a very cold night. temperatures, well, 34 in leesburg. 36 in manassas. 34 in gaithersburg and 38
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downtown. but for tonight, we're looking at temperatures in the teens and s.yellow alert for refreez what appears to be wet maybe ice. it could be black ice. bus stop temperatures, check this. 18 to 28 tomorrow. you take your kids to the bus stop. assuming they will start on time. be careful walking to the bus stop and walking to get your paper. lots of sun wednesday, but still cold. for tonight, clear and very cold. some slick spots. lows 15 to 25. that is not a typo. 15 to 25. winds northwest at 10. we'll break it down hour by hour and these are downtown temperatures. 26 at 9:00. 30 by 11:00 and 34 with sunshine by 3:00 p.m. next three days, some green alerts. 34 tomorrow, 31 on thursday. and 39 on friday. which is still seasonally cold. kind of losing, you know, losing track of the sight that we -- our high is 38.
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all right, next seven days, yeah, we got that in on saturday again. 38. i think this will actually go to rain unless the storm takes a different path. but a morning mix on saturday is possible and then a cold rain. maybe a left over shower early on sunday. still cold. highs around 40 and very cold monday. highs only around 30 and low 30s on thursday. that's a january 7 day than an early december seven-day. that's all i'm saying. >> talk about getting hot over hash browns. wait until you hear what this couple did when they found their potatoes were not in the bag. >> also, a frank turns into a real pain in the
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you will probably think twice after hearing this story. >> as a prank, someone putting glue on the seat. it took a while, but firefighters were able to free her. they had to use wd40 to loosen
5:26 pm
the glue's grip. she's been forced to stay on her couch, unable to move because of some of the wounds to her back. >> i would like to stand up and be normal. i don't want people to have to wait on me hand and foot. >> i felt bad for her because i knew she was going to be embarrassed more than anything. >> that's her brother-in-law and sister. they are not caring for her. emergency responders should have taken her to the hospital before trying to free her themselves. >> what a terrible story. two mcdonald's customers are charged with assault and disorderly conduct after an ugly food fight. so this happened in mesa, arizona. michael were furious that the breakfast order wasn't right. the problem was, they didn't get their hash browns right and that's when things got out of control. >> i threw my bag, i did. i did not hit anybody. if i was going to hit somebody. it would have been the person in front of me.
5:27 pm
>> michael smith says the fight would have escalated further had the 911 operator not called tim back. isn't that -- really? >> oh my goodness. remember the waitress in new jersey that claimed they did not tip her? after an investigation, she made the whole thing up. just a few weeks ago, posted a photo of a receipt that read, i'm sorry, but i do not agree with your lifestyle. that story went out viral and brought out sympathy and donations. a reporter found the same receipt with an $18 tip and a credit card statement to back it up. morales' employerer launched an investigation. both sides are saying they decided to part ways. >> now the founder of lumulemon is stepping down as chairman. in a recent interview, chip wilson said that some women's bodies just don't work for lumulemon pants. that comment didn't go over so well. will son will be gone before the company's annual meeting in
5:28 pm
june. >> now to the kiss that's causing some controversy. you are going to meet the six- year-old boy who is being punished for planting a little peck on a classmate. >> plus, the wusa9 investigation finds local cops are tracking your cell phone right now. wait until you see how they are doing it.
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it is 5:30, let's recap today's big stories. the government and area schools shut down as we got hit with more snow. the red alert has been lifted and under a yellow alert. expect things too get chilly again tonight. >> thousands of south africans and dozens of dignitaries honored nelson mandela during a massive memorial service today. it was a packed, soaked, soccer stadium. and it is the beginning of a week-long tribute. in south africa. rain drops are seen as a blessing. starting tomorrow, mandela's body will lie in state, his funeral is sunday. take a good look at this man. montgomery county police sexually abused a teenage girl he coached and tutored. he had contact with students from several private and public schools in bethesda. if you had an inappropriate contact with him or you think your child might have, police want to hear from you.
5:32 pm
new tonight, a wusa9 u.s.a. investigation has uncovered a new threat to your cell phone privacy and it's not the nsa. >> russ has some new evidence showing whether you live in washington or the suburbs. your local police may be the ones tracking your phone right now and you are paying big bucks for it. >> the technology is the size of a suitcase and powerful enough to mind your cell phone data to reveal your location, your number, and who you're calling. >> it is broadcasting your location any time it's on. >> i was out on me and texting viewers, sending e-mail. >> at police departments in fairfax county, montgomery county, and washington, d.c., documents obtained by a u.s.a.
5:33 pm
today, sister station, approved purchases of high-tech equipment to track your cell phone data, even if you're not the one being investigated. the technology, a self-site simulator manufactured under sting rays, king fish, a sting ray device can operate inside a vehicle and hook up to a laptop. it mimics the signal from a real cell phone tower and tricks nearby devices into communicating with it, which reveals phone numbers of the caller and the recipient. our investigation uncovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal grants awarded to virginia, d.c., and maryland police departments for cell phone tracking equipment, software updates, and special fbi training. >> it can use the device to triangulate. >> alerts the public to potential invasions of privacy. >> we know that in a number of cases, they used these devices
5:34 pm
to be within a room. >> sued the fbi to get 25,000 pages of information about surveillance. he wants to see privacy laws catch up with technology. with new rules now, florida congressman says, it will take legislation and the courts to develop new standards. >> does the data of your location, is that confidential because you are broadcasting your location as though you are shouting something out to the public. this is where the courts, the supreme court will visit this. i think that it's something we need to be concerned about. >> police won't tell us whether warrants are required, but the joint investigation found nationally, some level of court order is common, oualthgh no national laws require a warrant like police would need to enter your home. in the washington area, police just won't discuss it. fairfax county police's response, quote, i do not believe that we have acknowledged that we have or used the device you are asking
5:35 pm
about. look at this fairfax county board agenda from september 2010. the ability to locate crime victims, crime suspects, wanted persons, and those in need of emergency services. approving over $126,000 to enhance the system for updated features. in montgomery county, which didn't even respond to our inquiry, records show more than $180,000 for upgrades in enhancements for the system, according to this 2012 procurement record. police also deny our request, but here are records of purchase orders from 2009, 2010, and 2013. this is their contract with the manufacturer, paris corporation. as recently as march of this year, purchase orders show $107,000 spent on system upgrades and cell phone tracking trainings. >> reveal whether you're going to church or whether you are going to a rally.
5:36 pm
>> to track its target, the technology scoops data hundreds of users. there are no known standards requiring area police to erase data collected from those not suspected of criminal activity, private data, which may belong to you. >> our expert tells us, the only way to keep your cell data secret is to turn your phone off or to stop carrying one all together. i'm investigative reporter, wusa9. >> now, as russ mentioned, this was a joint investigation with our sister paper, u.s.a. today. in the paper, they have information about how this technology has been abused, but also how police have solved several cases using it. go to our page to learn more about the technology. they get paid by the millions. still to come, the most ovrated, overpaid stars in hollywood. i'm meteorologist, topper
5:37 pm
shutt. it is still slushy here in northwest. there goes our snow from earlier today, moved out very quickly. in the wake, we have clear skies. that will enable the temperatures to fall. we'll talk about a yellow alert and look ahead to your first- alert seven-day. a mixed bag on saturday. plus, a special visit for some very special kids. and don't forget, we're always on at and the wusa9 app. stay with us, we'll be back.
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a six-year-old boy has been suspended from school for kissing a girl on the cheek. whether this went too far. so this is a school system in colorado calling this a case of sexual harassment. the six-year-old boy's mother is shocked. she says the girl didn't object to being kissed and the child says he simply has a lot of energy. >> he sent me to the office. he was sorry. >> so, he is kind of going, well i didn't mean to hurt anybody's feelings. the school in cannon city says this child has committed repeat
5:41 pm
offenses. administrators insist that the kiss meets their definition of their sexual harassment policy. >> wow, okay, well from twerking to swinging naked on a wrecking ball, miley cyrus had a lot of us talking in 2013. it is probably no surprise to some that she has been named mtv's artist of the year. >> miley's robyn thick on the movie awards made her an easy choice. it was the most watched video all year. and her website got more hits than any other. the duet frolicking with huge teddy bears, grinding against thick and the foam finger was one of the year's most talked about events, according to mtv. >> she says that was her intent, right? she wanted people talking. >> she got it. adam sandler is one of the most
5:42 pm
over paid actors. he turns over $3.40 for each dollar he paid. katherine made the list as the second most overpaid followed by american sweetheart, reese witherspoon. >> you do not want your name on that list. good news for diet soda drinks about the safety of a popular artificial sweetener. a prominent doctor's group releases new guidelines to curb the abuse. that story people are stuck in very old habits
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
of using toothpaste to clean a denture. but dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can grow and multiply. polident is specifically designed to clean dentures daily. its unique micro-clean formula kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains, cleaning in a better way than brushing with toothpaste. that's why dentists recommend polident. [ male announcer ] polident. cleaner, fresher, brighter every day.
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nutrasweet isn't bad for you afterall. it safe for people to consume at levels currently used in diet soft drinks. a previous study suggested a link between the artificial sweetener and increased risk of cancer and genetic defects. not the case anymore. >> the centers for disease control says the abuse of prescription drugs may be the number one cause of accidental death in the u.s. >> american college of physicians issued some new guidelines to better educate both physicians and patients on the dangers of drug addiction.
5:46 pm
allison reports. >> doctors in the last year of his residency when he started taking prescription pills. >> the anxiety started to build up and it became the only way that i could deal with the pressures of my life. >> his story is an epidemic, according to the american college of physicians. >> the acp issued a new list, regarding prescription drugs. nonaddictive painkillers. when narcotics must be described, doctors must carefully think of the dosage. doctors screen patients for risk of addiction and patients agree in writing that they will do as the doctor says. >> follow the prescription as written. not sort of take on the role yourself, as prescriber and physician. >> the acp says patients should not drugs are not
5:47 pm
intended to eliminate 100% of the pain. >> if that's what the patient's mind set is, he is very likely to come back and say, i wasn't getting enough relief, so i doubled the prescription. >> dr. lloyd received treatment and resumed his medical career. he's been drug-free for ten years. >> the reason i share my story is to let folks know you can get better. >> and help them overcome their addiction. allison for cbs news. >> the american college of physicians also want to connect all state drug monitoring programs so that patients can't go across state lines to get multiple prescriptions. >> wusa9 news at 6:00 is just a few minutes away. >> and bruce johnson is live with a preview. hi bruce. >> hi ladies. accused of robbing a man he picked up at knife point. also, two local parents will soon go on trial for breaking into the home of their daughter's boyfriend. then beating him with a baseball bat. we'll tell you why prosecutors
5:48 pm
are convinced they did this. plus, women continue to break barriers. today, two females were appointed to top positions never, ever held by women before. lesli. see you at 6:00. >> see you then, bruce. well, checking out the weather right now. >> 2 to 4 inches. it was a cute little snow. >> yes. cute little snow. don't you think? >> it was sledable. >> barely. >> 2.9 was appropriate, by the way. >> didn't want to go over that 3 threshold. >> we actually have video for you of the snow. they had 1.8 inches today. and it was enough to cause some slick spots on the road. you can see the slush on the road. also, facebook said what do snow days want you to do? cuddle by the fireplace. we'll take a look at snowfall totals now. and you know, 2 to 4 inches did cover it. new market had 4. coldsville
5:49 pm
had 3. alexandria had 1.8. just saw a video there. and blumont had 4. so 4.3 inches. so again, it was a cute little snow. this is a cool picture. way. i'm going to get out of the it's artistic, you know, looking out from gaithersburg, sharon sent this in and sharon, very nice job. it was a nice snow that stuck on everything. like a norman rockwell postcard. 38 down town. high was 40. winds out of the north, northwest at 10. it will not be a factor tonight and dryer air moving in and snow cover, we're looking a the a cold night. all right, for the most part, no big storms now back to the west of us. we can grab our -- we can take our breath for the next three days. we'll zoom in and we see this storm that hit us earlier today. it left new england, even boston. and they also had a general 2
5:50 pm
to 4 inches of snow up as far north as connecticut. right now, we're looking at clear to partly cloudy skies. that's going to allow temperatures to fall quickly. right now, 34 in gaithersburg and 34 in frederic and 34 in leesburg. it's down to freezing in martinsburg and winchester. you jump the divide, yeah, it's 19 out in oakland. whole different ball game out there. so, yellow alert tonight for refreezing. okay. what looks wet may actually be black ice. so take it easy. take it easy walking tomorrow and walking to the bus stop. 18 to 28 if everybody starts on time. lots of sun wednesday, but cold. temperatures about 15 degrees below average on wednesday. so, tonight clear and very cold. some slick spots. 15 to 25. and we're looking at lows tonight, 21 in bethesda. 21 in rockville. there are teens. 19 in fairfax. 17 in leesburg.
5:51 pm
18 in manassas. 19 in latensville. so, that's why we are concerned about everything refreezing and hopefully you did what howard said and cleared everything off your car or you're going to need a chizzel and hammer. finally by 1:00, it will be above freezing. look at this, green alerts. we can catch our breath. 31 on thursday. 39, still seasonally cold on friday. we're going in the right direction. next seven days, saturday, another mix to rain. this is a different scenario than we had on sunday. there may be enough cold air in the morning. the warm air will win out. only 38. maybe a morning shower on sunday, and very cold monday. temperatures struggle to get to 30 with full sunshine. notice a low sunday night, 29. a high on monday 30. that's pretty cold and 20 monday night. back in the low 40s on tuesday. a few clouds come in late in
5:52 pm
the day and overnight on tuesday. >> okay. so, let's just say the weather is in not going to cooperate. these toys will prepare for child for the road ahead. we start with candy striped smart balance bike. if you look at it, you notice it doesn't have pedals and it doesn't have brakes because there's some thinking that by teaching kids to balance and glide, that will help to prepare them and pedal off easier and find their balance when they go off on their own. it's a wooden bike, it sells for $99.99. it's great for kids 2 and up. now, close your mouth. are you in sticker shock again? okay. no child should get on a bike without a helmet. and this one, it's called a wipeout dry erase helmet. it lets kids create their own fun. stencils and markers and create away and wipe it off, comes in a range of sizes. it sells for $29.99. a lot of fun. >> we wish we would have
5:53 pm
created that. what a great idea. >> every time we see these toys, man, wish we would have come up with that. and a game that helps to reenforce the love of biking for the whole family. this is the biking game. it's multigenerational. it's a board game, so you open it up. it promotes biking, an active lifestyle. it gets everybody in the house up and out. up to 8 people can play the game and best for ages 4 and up and it is $25. >> it's a shame derek is not hw ld love all of these toys. we'll have to save them. >> all right, so the rain didn't stop the washington nationals from spreading holiday cheer this morning at medstar georgetown. several players and their mascots went through a holiday party for the kids who were staying at the hospital. the event was organized by the hope for henry foundation. kids with cancer and other illnesses built a gingerbread baseball stadium. they made some ornaments and of course, took pictures with the
5:54 pm
players. >> and it's incredibly hard to be a kid spending so much time in the hospital and hope for henry, events like the one we are doing today, to ensure that we bring normalcy to their lives and fun and laughter and entertainment. >> today, celebration was part of the national's week of giving, which runs through saturday. >> oh, put some big smiles on those little faces. the national zoo has a man panda cub. we'll take you behind the scenes for an up close look up next. >> go before schools can reopen. i'll tell you what people are doing right now in montgomery county to make sure
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
the national zoo was closed today because of the weather, but that didn't stop us from getting a look at panda cub and her mom on the zoo's panda cams. and while pandas are accustomed to the snow. bowbow will have to wait, because she's not expected to go on display until next year. i can't wait to see. meanwhile, with a pair of lion cubs that are the stars at the zoo in baltimore. >> exclusive ax access. >> i'm inside the lion den at the maryland zoo with the clubs. they are fighting.
5:58 pm
it is nap time coming up here. we have an update on how these guys are doing. >> that means meal time. two hungry lion cubs. a bottle of milk and a plate of meat. the brother and sister are growing fast. they are the first lion cubs in the maryland zoo history. an exciting accomplishment. dad is the a the zoo, but mom died from birth complications. she had four cubs, but only these two survived. the zoo keeper stepped in and now a milestone. their ten-week checkup. >> it starts to be when their immune system kicks in and we can get them outside and vaccines, but allows us to get blood work on them and make sure their health is where we want it to be and they are both doing great. >> finally, we meet them. wjz suits up. we don't get the cub sick inside their pen. they're friendly, curious, and adorable. >> this is the best day of my life. >> thriving at two months old. >> it's too cold for these
5:59 pm
cubs right now, but fingers crossed, the public will be able to see them sometime in the spring. and while the cubs are doing great, they still need names. that address, round two of this week's winter storm is now in the books and it appears so far, we have gotten off easy. >> fingers and toes crossed. first alert chief meteorologist, topper shutt, is in the weather center with the details. >> temperatures tonight will be in the teens and twenties. take it easy if you're out driving late tonight, especially if you're walking tomorrow to get the paper. let's start with snowfall totals. this is a different list. moas of these are on our website at middletown, maryland, five inches. charlestown, west virginia.
6:00 pm
generally in the 2 to 4 range. hay market, 3.5. alany3 inches and bowie, maryland, had 2 inches. so, it was a nice benign little snow. much better than that freezing rain we had. lose any trees this time in my yard. temperatures, 32 now in gaithersburg and 32 in leesburg. some freezing temperatures beginning to show up. still 37 downtown. looking at 35 down 95 into fredericksburg. now tonight, these are lows. 21 in bethesda. 24 downtown. 20 in sterling, but 19 in fairfax and 17 in leesburg. so temperatures in the teens and 20s, you're looking at black ice. what appears to be wet is actually frozen. that's black ice. you got to slow down, please. so for tonight, 15 to 25 for lows. clear and very cold. slick spots. winds light, north, northwest at 10. we will come back and take you through the rest of the week an


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